Cazi Poko

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Want to Become a Kindergarten Teacher?

What are your goals? Being a painter, perhaps? Or a doctor? Ever thought that you will one day be a kindergarten teacher?

For most people, a kindergarten teacher was scary. Because they thought they would not be able to face the little children who are being naughty-naughty.

Yes, the age-kindergarten age is the age at which children begin to interact with the environment outside the home. So do not be surprised if their curiosity beyond reasonable limits (naughty).

However, job opportunities kindergarten teacher now better than job opportunities to other teachers. This is due to the proliferation of playgrup and private kindergartens in Indonesia. Many foundations are competing to set up kindergarten.

If you are interested in being a kindergarten teacher, why not? If a job offer to become a kindergarten teacher, accept it. Do not imagine how horrible first encounter small children, but live your first. Here are some tips for you who want to be a kindergarten teacher:

1. Learn as high as possible. Rules for the Education Minister said that a kindergarten teacher should be S-1 or at least D4 Program ECD (Early Childhood Education). Now, there are many universities that opened this course. Or if you are already a kindergarten teacher, do not worry. Minister of Education provides training for those who want to become qualified kindergarten teacher.

2. Begin to learn to socialize with children. Socializing here does not mean you play with them, but understand how thoughts and feelings of the children so you will easily deal with children. You can try to become caretakers of small children around your house.

3. Develop the attitude of daring to be exemplary. For this exercise, you have to dare to be nice. Because children are easy to imitate the things they think are interesting. Also, as the saying goes Java, teacher be proud and imitated.

A teacher was indeed an example of the students. Meanwhile, below are some tips for you which is becoming a kindergarten teacher:

1. Be creative. Develop a fun way of teaching. Children are generally more interested in things that are fun rather than conventional things that require them to think.
2. Be patient in dealing with the parents. Often occurs parents complain. Not all parents will accept the decision given by the school. It was reasonable so do not easily get angry and complain in the face.
3. Stay patient and painstaking in the face of the disciples.

The tips above are just a few of the many useful tips for you. Actually, the most important being a kindergarten teacher is our sincerity.

Do not think about the benefits you would get because it can reduce your performance when teaching later. Think about being a good teacher for the benefit of others. So, good luck! I hope you reach your goals.